Please tell me a bit about the accommodations you select?

I strive to find the best places for participants to stay according the the workshop mood and Ace Camp experience I want everyone to have. We have stayed in tents, high end hotels, hip hotels, farm houses and large mansions all over the world.

Who are the other participants?

People from all ages sign up for Ace Camps - we've had folks from 16 - 70.  They are artist, professionals, chefs, photographers, authors and others who simply sign up for the adventure and to travel with people who share a common interest in learning, travel and culture. The group is often cosmopolitan. There are American and Canadian students for example, but we also have people joining us from as far away as Asia, the UK, Europe or South America. Such diversity of ages and origins makes for an enriching cultural experience and gives the opportunity for us to see creativity arising from varied sources of inspiration.

Yes, men are most welcome to participate in the workshops!


Are the rooms shared?

Not in all circumstances but yes, mostly. Room allocation varies on the workshop so I suggest checking the specific workshop you're interested in and going from there. I have had to talk many people into sharing a room and all have been happy with the result of sharing. I encourage participants to share bedrooms as it helps create a supportive and community spirit among the group.

Can I bring my spouse, significant other, friend or pet if they are not taking the workshop

This is always a tough question for me as I understand in some cases participants are traveling to other cities and are including the Ace Camp as part of their vacation. It depends - if the accommodation is based on double occupany or we are staying at a house where space is limited it would be best to contact me to discuss. Remember - this is your learning time and sometimes the workshop works best when you venture on your own.


Tell me about the food.

What if the meals are not catered?

Good question! There are workshops where we will be staying in a hotel and some of the meals are not included. Your tour guide will have a list of restaurants that we think are best and that are recommended by the "in the know" locals at the last moment. Sometimes we find the finest restaurant and book ahead for the group - but participants are free to go out on their own should they wish. We often take our dinners together although this of course is not required. I like to make a meeting time in the lobby of our lodging so that people wanting to eat with others can meet and go out together.  It all depends on the itinerary so check it out to see if it suits you.

Can we bring our own snacks?

Feel free to bring snack food - you don't have to but sometimes you know better what is the best thing for you to eat. 

I have dietary restrictions. Do I need to bring my own food? Do you cater for Vegetarians/Vegans? Can you also cater for those with special dietary requirements, such as food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities?

We cater to various food allergies such as gluten or lactose-intolerance. Meals are offered buffet or family style and always have a wide variety of options, including a huge organic salad with all the fixings. In the past about 10% of our attendees have been gluten-free and have raved about the food. In situations where we cook the meals you will be sent a catering form so we are aware of your needs and will be happy to organize our menu planning accordingly. We will endeavour to cater for any dietary requirements, including vegetarians, vegans and those with special dietary needs.